Proximal Spaces Augmented Reality App

The Proximal Spaces Augmented Reality application explores the invisible environments of computer generated bioaerosols suspended in the air of virtual space. Initially meant to ‘colonize’ the indoor walkways of the Toronto International Design Centre where the exhibition was to be held, it was later redesigned as a mobile app where it could be experienced in any location, including the indoor domestic spaces of our homes.

The models generated in this application are closely related to the textures and colors of the original drawings of Elaine Whittaker, as well as the organisms harvested on the petri dishes by the team of bioartists. To view Whittaker's beautiful pandemic drawings please head to her site at

The AR Application in action outside on a snowy street in Toronto, Canada. In this version, virtual 'snot' appears in a mist from the user, simulating our breath as a migration highway for microbes both pathogenic and non-pathogenic. As the 'snot' collides with a surface, it spawns biofilms that interconnect to form a persistent mesh on the surfaces that we have been close to. An array of virtual organisms are suspended in the air as well and intensify in the areas that we have spent the most time in. Thankfully, these dissipate after a duration of time, referencing the transience of these migratory organisms on and around us.

The AR Application is currently still in development since it has pivoted from its original intention as a staged intervention within the corridors of the Toronto International Design Centre. Updates will be added as the situation changes and the team regains access to the site. The current build is only available on Android devices. To download the current version of the Android APK from APKMirror please click the Android image